Valley Barbers Barber Shops

4920 Carpinteria Avenue
Carpinteria, CA 93013
(805) 729-0444
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about us

Valley Barbers is one of the longest standing businesses in Carpinteria. We have been a family owned and operated since 1940. We take pride in serving the community to look good and feel good. The history of Valley Barbers began when two servicemen of Mexican descent returned from World War II in 1940 with an entrepreneurial spirit. Originally opened by Charlie the barber in 1930 and later taken over by the two gentlemen, Martin ''Marty'' Macias along with his partner Cipriano ''Zip the barber'' Gonzalez. Many locals know Marty and Zip served the community for over 50 years at the location on 4920 Carpinteria Ave, next to the historic movie theater (Campos et al., 2007). The shop was opened in the 1930s and has been successfully up and running to this day, this makes Valley Barbers one of the few remaining business from the 1930's. We take great pride that this business has stayed family owned and operated for over 75 years and want to welcome you to our family. The business is currently owned by, Annie Rivas, the granddaughter of Martin ''Marty'' and Marie Macias, true Carpinteria locals. Marty, was one of the original owners, in partnership with Cipriano ''Zip'' Gonzales back in 1940. Annie has since taken complete ownership and has goals to renovate the shop while keeping the classic look, feel, and memory of these great men, along with all the history of Carpinteria and warrior football. Her dream is to continue the legacy that her grandfather began. Please visit the Carpinteria museum to see some of the original equipment and signs that have been placed on display.